Rush Hour #12: Imagine

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Rush Hour #12: Imagine
Joseph Haydn An Imaginary Orchestral Journey
Eugene Lee associate leader & conductor

Don’t let the wig or 18th century attire fool you. Haydn was one seriously interesting person. 

His diaries tell tales of escaping from tigers at the Tower of London’s zoo, staring into the cosmos with astronomy pioneer William Herschel, and his being a Casanova worthy of a sit-com. 

Haydn’s music is no different, packed with innovation that is as radical as it is so often comedic. Curated by Sir Simon Rattle, An Imaginary Orchestral Journey cherry-picks the most outlandish and forward-looking music from symphonies, oratorios and operas spanning a 40-year period. The result is a vivid, uninterrupted collage of intelligence, pranks and brilliant eccentricity.

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