Artist Development

Graduate musicians arrive at Southbank Sinfonia with an appetite to further their orchestral experience.

Professional musicians today not only need exceptional technique, but artistic versatility, the confidence to engage with audiences of all ages, and the physical and mental stamina to sustain an intensive performance schedule.

Southbank Sinfonia's fellowship is designed to help recent graduates develop these skills, arming them with the professional toolkit required by a 21st century musician. A bespoke programme of artist development is built for each musician in the fellowship, based around the key areas below.

We're the only orchestra in Britain to have an Artist Development Manager who meets regularly with each player to help them define personal objectives, addressing what challenges they want to overcome, helping them to find opportunities beyond the fellowship, and plot their next steps.


Musical excellence and artistic integrity are the foundation of our programme. Discover more about how the fellowship helps to develop musicality through world-class collaborations, coaching and projects. 

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With their bright, youthful vitality, Southbank Sinfonia players make great role-models to young people embarking on their own musical journey.

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We strive to help musicians become eloquent advocates for the power and relevance of orchestral music, as confident speaking or writing as performing.

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To go the distance, musicians need to be healthy in body and mind. The fellowship includes sessions with leading medical experts to help build physical stamina and endurance.

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