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The unique experience of Southbank Sinfonia is not just limited to its players.

Our supporters play an integral role in the life of the orchestra, not just watching from the sidelines, but getting to know each individual musician as they progress. Every year brings a fresh cohort of musicians in real need of our help. You can embark on the adventure together, discovering alongside them what it takes to become outstanding professional artists. This means that no concert is simply just a concert: knowing the musicians and knowing what the opportunity means to them makes the experience doubly exhilarating.

For every single player the journey is different, but they are all grateful to have you by their side, supporting their progress and willing them to shine.

Whatever gesture you can make, as a registered charity, we truly value any support you can offer.

The generosity of all of our Our Supporters is crucial and we would like to take this opportunity to recognise their considerable contribution to our work.


Join our family of supporters and enjoy exciting opportunities to get closer to the music.

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Sponsor a project

To ensure they have the strength and versatility to take on any challenge in future, our programme comprises a remarkable array of different projects, each giving our players the chance to shine.

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You can make a lasting difference to the work Southbank Sinfonia does in helping young people fulfil their potential.

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We can bring music to the heart of your organisation, provide musicians for your events, offer unique workshops for your colleagues and help fulfil your CSR.

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If you are involved with a trust or foundation that believes in the limitless potential of young people you can make an invaluable contribution to any aspect of our work.

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Help us to build the newly created Foundation so it may underpin and fortify all the orchestra is able to achieve.

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We'd like to say thank you to our generous supporters. 

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