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One of the joys of supporting musicians doesn’t just come what you can do for them; it’s knowing the joy that they will bring to others in turn. You set in motion something that cascades from one life to many others. Your generosity not only ensures our players have a transformative year; what you invest in them resonates as they set out into the profession, putting everything they have learned into practice, touching the lives of many others with their passion for music, for years to come.

When you come to make plans for your own future, you may like to consider remembering Southbank Sinfonia in your Will. Making such a gift to a charity like Southbank Sinfonia may not be something you have considered before. Such a gesture can be very modest: if you’re already close to the orchestra, you’ll know how we put every penny to good use, so even the smallest gift can have great worth. Whatever you can give, it brings the assurance that the orchestra you have cherished in your lifetime will continue to prosper long into the future.

"Having been closely involved with Southbank Sinfonia, I have seen first-hand the enormous benefit that being part of the orchestra brings to talented and passionate young musicians. I have also seen the enormous enjoyment that their performances bring all of us, the family of supporters. I can honestly say that being part of this family has contributed hugely to my appreciation of classical music as I get older and think more about how to distribute my estate. A legacy to Southbank Sinfonia to help ensure it can continue its remarkable work – is very high on my list."
SUSAN LLOYD supporter

Linked below is a brochure as well as some practical information which will tell you more about making a legacy gift to Southbank Sinfonia through Southbank Sinfonia Foundation. We are happy to talk to you in confidence about the range of options open to you, either in person or over the phone. In the first instance, please contact Danielle Robson, Development Manager on 020 3957 4129 or danielle[AT]southbanksinfonia[DOT]co[DOT]uk

The details of your Will are naturally a very personal matter and you may prefer to keep your intentions to yourself. However, letting us know of your wishes gives us the opportunity to thank you for your kindness, while allowing us to make plans for the future together and for you to enjoy a closer relationship with Southbank Sinfonia during your lifetime. 

While leaving a gift like this in your Will is a relatively straightforward process, we always recommend you seek the assistance of a solicitor when making your plans.

Download Brochure: PDF
Download Practical Guide: PDF


The Southbank Sinfonia Foundation helps generate the means to plan a brighter future for the orchestra, for years to come.

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