Southbank Sinfonia Foundation

19 years and counting since its launch, Southbank Sinfonia’s impact is incalculable.

It has generated over £5 million that has gone directly into young musicians’ pockets, transforming their livelihood. It has placed them at the heart of distinctive, thrilling projects that set the tempo for the future of classical music. They have collaborated with some of the world’s finest artists and in turn, seized their potential as role models, ensuring the gift of music once entrusted to them is safely passed on to younger generations. Few other institutions worldwide give young artists such a footing. This makes Southbank Sinfonia a great British success story of which the nation may feel rightly proud.

We want to keep changing lives for decades to come. However, sustaining a unique entity like this becomes more and more challenging. Year-on-year we meet graduates increasingly burdened by debt for whom the orchestra and its bursaries provide a lifeline. With no statutory funding, we have to be ever more resourceful in order to provide our players with the opportunities they need, and to plan ahead.

As a result, we have newly created the Southbank Sinfonia Foundation. While we continue to fundraise year-round for our immediate plans, we hope the Foundation will help us generate the means to plan a brighter future for the orchestra, for years to come.

Southbank Sinfonia Foundation is a registered charity, no. 1169535. It was created in late 2016 with the help of a generous donation by two of the orchestra’s closest supporters. We now seek the support of others who believe in the orchestra’s worth, to help us build the Foundation so it may underpin and fortify all the orchestra is able to achieve, safeguarding its future and galvanising the vital role it now plays in Britain’s musical ecology.

If you would like to consider making a donation to the Foundation, please contact Robert Grisbrook, Campaigns Manager of Southbank Sinfonia on 020 3957 4128 or robert[AT]southbanksinfonia[DOT]co[DOT]uk. While we always need support year-round for the orchestra’s quotidian work, you may like to consider a separate gift to the Foundation at any time, or think about making a lasting gesture like this when you come to write or update your Will. For further details about this, please click here.

Southbank Sinfonia Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees:

Michael Berman CBE
Mary Monfries (Chair)
Duncan Sutherland
Julius Wolff-Ingham

The Foundation’s Company Secretary is Robert Grisbrook. For any general enquiries about the Foundation, please contact Robert on 020 3957 4128 or robert[AT]southbanksinfonia[DOT]co[DOT]uk.