Rush Hour #13: Escape

St John's Waterloo i
Rush Hour #13: Escape
Kurt Weill Symphony No.2
Kurt Weill Four Walt Whitman Songs
Sian Edwards conductor
Lotte Betts-Dean mezzo-soprano

Weill's Second Symphony bridged the tumultuous period in which he was forced to flee his native Germany and seek refuge in Paris. Begun in Berlin, the seeds of the symphony lie in its foreboding, trumpet-led introduction. From it evolves a work of relentless urgency, its energy fuelled simultaneously by anger, fear and an antidote of wry satire.

Drawing on all the skill that penned theatrical masterpieces like The Threepenny Opera and blending it with the classical foundations used by Mozart and Haydn, Weill created art that spoke of its time but with lessons that will resonate through the ages.

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Supported by the John S Cohen Foundation

Part of our Rush Hour Concert series
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