Rush Hour Concert #8: Unfinished

St John's Smith Square i
Rush Hour Concert #8: Unfinished
Franz Schubert Symphony No.8 'Unfinished'
Robert Schumann Symphony G minor ('Zwickau')
Jonathon Heyward Conductor

Writing a symphony is something very few of us can directly relate to, but leaving jobs or projects unfinished is a concept everyone can relate to. This concert weaves philosophical debate, exploring what it means for us to perform and share 'unfinished' art. Would artists have wanted their creations shared long into the future, even if they consciously hadn't completed them? How would we feel if, in 100 years time, something that we hadn't finished was heard or seen by millions of people?

It's still not absolutely certain why Schubert left his Eighth Symphony unfinished, it could be a combination of reasons. Two full movements were created, with a nearly-completed piano score for the Scherzo movement, although this was barely orchestrated. Opening with a brilliant Allegro moderato movement, the symphony is full of wonder and singing melodies. The heartbreaking second movement is warm and arguably contains some of Schubert's finest orchestrations. Sadly, this is where the journey ends, along with Schubert's pen. 

Schumann's early unfinished 'Zwickau' symphony was named after his home town, where the first movement of this symphony was premiered. Inspired by some music he composed for Shakespeare's Hamlet, the Zwickau Symphony looked to be on track to completion. Similarly to the music for Hamlet, this early project for Schumann also remained unfinished after two movements. 

We are thrilled to welcome recent RPS Conductor Award nominee, Jonathon Heyward, to conduct this thought-provoking concert.

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