Rush Hour Livestream #2: Twilight of the Gods

St John's Smith Square (Online Livestream) i
Rush Hour Livestream #2: Twilight of the Gods
Richard Wagner Siegfried Idyll
Richard Wagner arr. Lee Reynolds Götterdämmerung Fantasy
Lee Reynolds conductor

Richard Wagner casts a shadow of influence, invention and infamy that looms over classical music of the 19th century and beyond. A master of extremes, the emotional depth and complexity that Wagner tried to express in his music is mirrored by its scale.

The Ring of the Nibelung  - the composer’s life’s work that took him a whopping 26 years to complete - is essentially a soap opera of epic proportions set in the realm of ancient Norse gods and giants. Despite the mysticism, at its core the Ring is fascinated with exploring the characters’ intricate interpersonal relationships. This contrast between the internal and the far-reaching, the private and the public, seeps into the musical material of this massive opera cycle.

It’s from strands of this drama-drenched material that the two symphonic fantasies on our programme,  Siegfried Idyll and Götterdämmerung Fantasy are woven - the latter specially arranged for this concert.

Streamed live from our new home, St John's Smith Square, this hour-long Rush Hour concert will plunge you into the romance, drama, and sheer weirdness of Wagner's world.

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This event is free with no ticket required.