New year. New orchestra. New look.

New year. New orchestra. New look.


Communications Director

Every year of Southbank Sinfonia offers something new: we welcome 33 musicians from across the world to form a new orchestra; fresh artistic collaborations are made, increasingly seeing us tread entirely new creative ground; and our programming offers a range of music we hope you’ll enjoy exploring for the first time as much as we do.
For 2018, we’re also excited to introduce a new logo, visual direction and website.

The outgoing logo has served us incredibly well, taking Southbank Sinfonia from a dream in three people’s minds to a vibrant creative hub, with 500 musicians and countless wonderful supporters among its family. Nonetheless, the world has evolved hugely in the past 15 years, not least with the arrival of a multitude of digital platforms, utterly transforming the way we keep in touch with each other. Southbank Sinfonia has also morphed from a start-up finding its feet to today having its own unique and potent voice within the arts world. 

Our new look is designed to reflect that, taking the youthful energy our musicians bring and proudly sharing it with the world. Of course, Southbank Sinfonia is an orchestra built for young musicians, and so our logo has been created in collaboration with the players themselves. Last year, we to spoke to musicians from several fellowship years and found out how they - as artists - wanted to be portrayed today.

The result is an icon that celebrates the individuals that make up an orchestra and the diversity of music they play. No two musicians are the same, just as no two pieces are either, but it is this incredible mosaic of personalities, styles and emotions that makes orchestral music so compelling. More than that, it demonstrates the power of classical music to bring such differences together and create something all the more powerful as a result.

The icon above is just one iteration of what makes up Southbank Sinfonia. Over the coming weeks, months and years, you’ll spot a whole suite of patterns that show the sheer variety of genres and characters that embody a 21st century orchestra.

We’ve also launched this new website, one that truly puts the musicians centre-stage and is designed to work better on computers and devices of all sizes. Like any site, it will constantly evolve over time as more content is created, and in the coming weeks you’ll spot plenty of extra features appearing. In the meantime, why not find out about all the players in our new orchestra, or delve into what we’ve got planned for 2018?

Of course, nothing quite beats holding a printed Concert Diary in your hands, and we’ve today sent the 2018 edition to the printers. You can see a digital version now, or it’ll be available, fresh off the press, at our first Free Rush Hour Concert of the year. We can’t wait to welcome as many of you as possible then.