Artist Development: Communication

In an orchestra this size, everyone has a voice

We strive to help our players communicate the value of classical music not only through their instrument, but through spoken and written word too. This is essential to help young musicians promote themselves, their creative endevours, and for the future of classical music.

Sessions with a variety of industry specialists help to build confidence in a variety of communication settings, be it speaking to audiences in concerts, leading education projects or creating captivating videos and blogs online.

The fellowship also helps musicians cultivate their own professional networks, an integral asset in bringing creative aspirations to fruition.

Speaking to the audience

Musicians must be able to connect with any kind of audience, from passionate, regular concert-goers to families dipping their toe in the water for the first time.

To help build the skills and confidence to do this, renowned actors and voice-coaches lead workshops in which every fellowship member gets to speak. 

Southbank Sinfonia players put this learning into practice by introducing works in our Free Rush Hour Concerts, presenting Family Concerts at Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall, and starring in digital content that appears online.


In any artistic endeavour, supporters are a vitally important member of the team. At the beginning of the fellowship, we spend time discussing how musicians can enjoy the best relationship with Southbank Sinfonia's supporters both during the programme and beyond. Players often go on to enjoy remarkable connections with the supporter of their place in the orchestra, keeping in contact long after the completion of the fellowship.

Social media and appearing on camera

Digital platforms have become a crucial channel through which to reach and enthral audiences. Building on the expertise gained in public speaking workshops, musicians are provided regular opportunities to become comfortable appearing on camera. Whether in trailers for upcoming concerts, videos to be projected in Family Concerts or collaborations with other arts organisations or sponsors, players can gain the confidence and technical knowledge to harness this tool for their own projects in the future.

Artists such as James Rhodes and Maxine Kwok-Adams also lead sessions during the fellowship on social media, talking openly about their experiences of different platforms and sharing tips on how best to utilise them in your own career development.

Applications and interviews

Our Artist Development Manager works both with groups and individuals on best practice when applying for positions elsewhere. This includes advice on crafting effective CVs and applications, and interview technique. This combines with specialist workshops on auditions, helping musicians showcase their many skills most effectively.