Journeys through Worlds

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Journeys through Worlds
Javier Alvarez Metro Chabacano
John Woolrich Ulysses Awakes
Diana Burrell Das Meer, das so gross und weit ist, da wimmelt’s ohne zahl, grosse und kleine Tiere
Philip Glass Symphony No.3
Owain Park Conductor
Perpetual motion, syncopation, and intricately playful melodies. Performed in the round, venture on a journey through fleeting urban landscapes with Javier Alvarez’s Metro Chabacano before immersing yourself in John Woolrich’s allusive Ulysses Awakes. A powerfully moving aria for solo viola and strings, Woolrich paraphrases Monteverdi’s 1640 opera, The Return of Ulysses.

All music tells a story, whether it’s Ulysses awakening on the coast of his homeland, or Diana Burrell exploring the ocean’s diverse marine life in her bold, imaginative work. And Philip Glass’ symphony is no exception. Revealing a world of hidden beauties, this work for string orchestra treats each musician as a soloist.

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