Rush Hour #10: Discovery

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Rush Hour #10: Discovery
Dorothy Howell Humoresque
Dorothy Howell The Rock
Dorothy Howell Divertissements
Dorothy Howell Suite from Koong Shee
Rebecca Miller Conductor

100 years ago, a new composer on the scene stormed the nation's imagination. In the 1919 Proms season alone, Dorothy Howell's tone poem Lamia was performed in five separate concerts. She was pursued by the paparazzi and was the subject of newspaper headlines declaring her "the English Strauss". 

Yet, in the decades since her music has barely been heard. Following Rebecca Miller's visit to the Howell family home to rediscover manuscripts, and our study day in 2018 providing a first exploration of a selection of works, we're thrilled to be able to share a full concert of Dorothy Howell's music. 

A full century after her breakthrough success, now is the moment we start making up for lost time.

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Part of our Rush Hour Concert series
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Concert supported by:
ABO Sirens & RWV Trust