#ConcertLab: The Mix

£ 5 - £ 7
St John's Waterloo i
#ConcertLab: The Mix

Chamber music is put on shuffle for an hour, showcasing centuries of thrilling variety. With a back-catalogue of just about every conceivable style, gems of the past might abut the latest in musical innovation, electro-acoustic collaborations could morph into sublime Baroque symmetry, or high-octane pop rhythms become heartfelt melodies. 

Then again, the mix could be something completely and unexpectedly different, traversing emotions as quickly as styles. Join us on the night to find out what the playlist will include.

With each stage designed by its band, ensembles will encircle an arena that removes the boundaries between performers and audience. Grab a drink from the bar, get up close to the musicians and wander between stages as the night plays out.

Please note that there will be limited seating for this performance, reserved only for those less able to stand. The performance will last for approximately 1 hour.

Should you encounter any issues when booking, please email tickets@southbanksinfonia.co.uk

Part of #ConcertLab
Tickets are still available on the door.
Concert supported by:
The London Community Foundation and Cockayne - Grants for the Arts