Rush Hour #2: Recognise

St John's Waterloo i
Rush Hour #2: Recognise
Samuel Barber Capricorn Concerto
Emilie Mayer Symphony No.5
Holly Mathieson conductor
Jack Welch Flute
Alex Fryer Oboe
Erika Curbelo Trumpet
The greatest of art sometimes falls through the cracks, only to be rightfully rediscovered decades later. Charles Vermeer’s paintings were unknown for 200 years, while Moby-Dick took a century to gain any recognition. Enter Emilie Mayer, a 19th-century composer whose music is compellingly distinctive, yet also features both echoes and premonitions of other symphonic greats. Her Fifth Symphony is grand, tumultuous and even cinematic at times, with melodies that are sure to become earworms.

Barber, meanwhile, casts flute, oboe and trumpet as members of his household, the voices dancing around each other to reveal a mosaic of emotions, interactions and personalities that make up a family.

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Part of our Rush Hour Concert series
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