The Anghiari Circle

We invite you to help keep the unique spirit of the festival alive by joining the Anghiari Circle.

The Anghiari Festival has grown over the years to encompass a vast range of performances in stunning and unusual settings and to enable wide audiences of visitors, residents and locals to experience truly exceptional music. For Southbank Sinfonia’s young players, presenting a week of diverse programmes is a significant but rewarding challenge and a true highlight of their year with us.

We are committed to presenting an open and inclusive programme (in Anghiari and in London) with almost all concerts and events free to attend. However, as the scope of the festival increases year on year, so inevitably do the costs. We do not receive any ticket income from the festival as this goes to the local hosts: their support is vital and we remain truly grateful for the help they give us, in particular providing accommodation for the players. Unlike many similar festivals, this is not a commercial venture and Southbank Sinfonia’s core mission is to provide vital training and support for talented musicians as they embark on their careers.

It costs Southbank Sinfonia € 50,000 per year to run the Anghiari Festival. This includes:

  • Flights for an orchestra of 33 players (plus instruments)
  • World class soloists: flights, accommodation and fees
  • Additional players for the performance of larger scale works
  • Coach transfers and car hire to get to different concert locations (and to and from the airport)
  • Instrument, equipment and music hire
  • Staffing costs (accommodation and travel to Anghiari plus staff time): the festival is a huge logistical challenge and takes months to prepare.

Please contribute what you can to collectively ensure the future success of the festival. Donors giving £150 and over will be acknowledged as members of the Anghiari Circle.

Donations can be made:

Account name: Southbank Sinfonia
Account details: 90548170
Sort code: 20-94-48
IBAN: GB48 BARC 2094 4890 5481 70

  • by posting a cheque (GBP £) to Southbank Sinfonia, St John's Waterloo, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

For more information on how the festival is run and how you can contribute, please contact Danielle Robson, Development Manager on 020 3957 4129 or danielle[AT]southbanksinfonia[DOT]co[DOT]uk.

Southbank Sinfonia is immensely grateful to all those who have donated to the Anghiari Circle:

David and Liz Abraham
Keith and Judy Attfield
Madina and David Aylen
Elizabeth Wickett and Stephen Brichieri-Colombi
Wendy and Roger Britton
Imogen and Stuart Brown
Peter and Anne-Sophie Capel
Andrew and Charmian Chojnicki
Chris and John Church
Maratona Corale
Stella Dini
Cordell Adams and Gene Dressler
Mike and Veronica German
Val and Paul Goss
Emma-Louise Hayley
Terrie Hogan
Carys Jones
Rick and Kim Jones
Patricia Jordan-Evans
Frank and Chris Judd
Markus Kobler
Rachel Koppa
Janette and Danny Lesser
David Wagner and John Maloney
James and Elizabeth Mann
Ian Mok
Mary Monfries
Duncan Sutherland and Laura Norris
Gianni and Silvia Pappini
Sara Payne
Nick Peacey
Emerita Pilgrim
John and Judy Polak
Nancy Raff
Nick and Sarah Roberts
Lady Barbara Roberts
Sarah Adair and Simon Shaps
Anna Sperling
Carole Stone
Patricia Thomas OBE
David Tibble
Greg and Amy Tyrl
James Naughtie and Ellie Updale
Michael Berman and Katharine Verney
Nigel and Kay-Marie Wallace
Imogen and Merlin Waterson
Roxanna Waterson
Trevor Woods
Villa Cardeto

As well as those who wish to remain anonymous